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About Plagiarism Checker

What Is Plagiarism & Its Consequences?

Students often think that some little paraphrasing will help them avoid this major issue if they do acknowledge a source. However, it is still unacceptable and those who complete papers in such a way are at the high risk of expulsion from their educational institutions just like students who create fake references or even invent non-existent sources. All these cases should be avoided at all costs by adopting a balance between using adequate referencing, proper quoting or substantial paraphrasing, summarizing, and personal analysis.

Bloggers, writers, or other professionals whose work touches upon written content risk much more than failing grades given by teachers. Their entire career, professional reputation can be destroyed. That is why it’s extremely important to learn all rules of academic integrity and check for plagiarism all completed content. These habits remain relevant not only during studies but in professional life as well.

Why Is It Crucial to Use a Good Plagiarism Checker?

Firstly, basic principle that determines the functioning of all plagiarism detection tools must be understood. They use the same idea of comparing a text to all available texts in a database and detecting similarities or exact matches.

The very principle of these tools’ work allows one to understand whether the chosen checker is good or not. Many sites offer available plagiarism checker free of charge but a writer should consider submitting content for checking originality only to popular or widely used tools simply because they have considerably larger databases as well as provide a more accurate similarity percentage with other texts.

Good plagiarism detecting software will provide not only an identified percentage of similarity but also a list of sources your content has been supposedly taken from, so that the writer could implement appropriate paraphrasing, summarizing, or direct quotes.

Essay Plagiarism Checking

How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?

Both a free online plagiarism detector and commercial version of content scanner used by schools implement the same algorithm of actions while check the paper, difference lies in the information contained in specific databases:

Tool identifies text elements in the file provided by the user.
It applies anti-deceiving methods, such as detecting Cyrillic letters in the paper that should use Latin alphabet, special symbols, or changing the color of text. The machine cannot be deceived using these primitive techniques.
Text is divided into smaller parts to be compared with existent texts in both the local tool’s database and through advanced check using different search engines.
Plagiarism checker generates report with all outcomes and percentage of similarities that require user’s attention. Checking the report is obligatory since plagiarism finder highlights properly cited direct quotes as an instance of plagiarism which is, obviously, not the case. However, percentage of direct quotes should be lower as well. The text must be original rather than composed solely of other people’s ideas.

Benefits of Our Plagiarism Checker

Most commercial products, like Turitin, have one major limitation: college students will not be able to submit the checked essay once again as it is already recorded in tool’s database and submitting even slightly revised paper will trigger an extremely high percent of plagiarism. Submitting duplicate is not possible. It is extremely inconvenient, so the best solution for a student to ensure the absence of unintentional plagiarism in newly written paper is to use a reliable online plagiarism checker such as plagiarism checker by

This program has many specific benefits that are combined with advantages of a commercial plagiarism tester, but our tool is absolutely free and the following extra benefits make it the best option.

  • Enjoy the possibility of unlimited attempts to check paper and ensure complete originality.
  • Papers checked through our plagiarism checker can be safely submitted to Turnitin and similar final submission options as they will not detect full similarity with previously submitted copies or drafts of the same paper.
  • Not only English texts can be scanned, but also documents that are written in German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese.
  • Specific search and compare algorithms that are scanning all search engines’ results in accordance with the type of submitted text, whether you are writing research paper, resume, or content for websites.
  • Major popular formats are acceptable including PDF files.
  • There is a possibility to hire a professional fixer who will edit and proofread completed text, ensure its adherence to relevant writing standards.
  • Making precautions and checking whether written text is completely unique is a sensible thing to do. There is no need to put a chance to study at university or do work you love at risk because of text’s not being checked before submission.
  • How to Use Our Plagiarism Checker?

Since our plagiarism checker is designed to scan various specific types of work, it may be used not only by students who want a fast review of drafts or already completed papers but also by everyone working with content creation or editing. It is easy to test the tool and enjoy its efficiency